Data Governance

Data governance is a quality control discipline with a high emphasis on getting your data and related processes in order, so that the business can derive value from it.

Experian Pandora works with organisations to enforce business and regulatory data policies, ensuring any potential risks introduced through poor data processes are mitigated.

Data Profiling and Discovery

Data profiling and discovery are the bedrock of every data initiative. Without a deep understanding of data quality, rules and relationships, your projects will fail to deliver on expectations. Experian Pandora is architected from the ground up for data profiling and discovery, with its correlated architecture enabling instant profiling and relationship discovery across millions of records.

Data Migration

Experian Pandora is purpose built to help you transform every phase of your data migration project, from scoping and design through to execution and post-migration data quality assurance.

Observe the exceptional productivity your team will gain as they collaborate in the simple to use, yet exceptionally powerful, Experian Pandora platform.

Data Quality Management

Experian Pandora helps you empower your organisation towards data quality maturity in record time due to its exceptional performance, flexible ease of use and complete alignment to each element of the data quality lifecycle.

Whether you’re delivering localised improvements or enterprise wide data quality management and governance, Experian Pandora can deliver.